Sunday, June 10, 2012


It was a HOT! HOT! day and summer had just started.  The three changitos were excited to play with their freinds across the road when sister changito had a brillent idea "LETS SELL LEMONADE"she said.  So sister changito ran home to ask mama if her and her friend could make a lemonade stand.
Yes replied mama changito.  While mama was making the lemonade they went on their speedy scooters to put up signs that read LEMONADE 25 cents! Zooming back and forth on their scooters mama changito came out with the ice cold lemonade and asked where brother changito and his friend had gone. Sister changito and her friend said, "around the block" WHAT! They went where... all of a sudden mama changito could hear from a distance LEMONADE ICE COLD LEMONADE 25 CENTS. LEMONADE ICE COLD LEMONADE 25 CENTS. When brother changito reached the house he said. WOW! that was a lot of work I  need some lemonade, and sister changitos said, "25 cents please".  Now they were ready for business the three changitos and their friends put up their lemonade stand under a  tall shaded tree and pulled out chairs. Now All of the changitos and their friends needed were the customers to buy their lemonade.
They waited and waited it was so hot that no one wanted to come out.   Cars would pass by and all you could hear was LEMONADE LEMONADE 25 CENTS OVER AND OVER, but no one would stop.So Sister and Brother Changitos had a AWSOME idea.  If they don't come to us, we wll come to them they thought.  So they hopped on their scooters headed to the neighbors house they knew.  They zoomed back on their scooters and said 2 lemonades! 3 Lemonades! it worked everyone was buying lemonade from them, the lemonade stand was a success.  All of a sudden brother changito had one more idea.  He raced around the block one more time to see who was out and about. and came back saying we need 4 more lemonades!  The changitos lemonade stand was a success and realized that next time they wouldn't have to sit and wait for customers to come to them, but selling lemonade on the go was a much better idea.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

The monkey who broke a bed!

Many have heard the song " 3 little monkeys jumping on a bed. One fell down and broke his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said," No more monkeys jumping on the bed".
"2 little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell down and broke his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said," No more monkeys jumping on the bed". and so forth until all the monkeys are with broken heads. Right? Well what happened to the bed? It never made it into the song/story until today.

It was a beautiful day in the land of changitolandia when one of the famous jumping monkeys decided that using his usual furniture for his adventures was to boring. That day he had all of his cousin monkeys over and there was plenty of things to do, when all of the sudden the greatest idea had popped into this changitos head. " Lets jump on the bed". First one changito seemed to jump high but he got lonely so he called one of the other cousin changitos over a little bigger and taller but that would get Jumping Changito to go even higher. Jumping as high as he could and his cousin right by his side, noticed that there was room for one more changito to jump. So another changito came to the bed. Now Jumping Changito knew that beds weren't for jumping, cause mama changito would always say NO JUMPING ON THE BED. But she never said this bed so it was okay! One by one the time had come and all of the cousin changitos had to go home. With so much excitement Jumping Changito didn't even see his family leave. So he kept on jumping or so he thought when CRASH! SPLAT! THUD! the jumping changito had broken the bed. OH NO What should I say what should I do said Jumping changito. Ah I know mama will never know if i make the bed. So jumping changito made the bed hoping that mama wouldn't find out.
That night mama was getting the smallest of all the changitos ready for bed. She put on little changito her pijama, and started to tuck her in bed. Leaned over to give her a big hug and kiss and went KERPLOP and Landed where a mattress once was inside the frame of the bed! At first mama thought wow! what a cheap bed they should make them stronger. But sister changito was there and told mama changito how Jumping Changito broke the bed!
JUMPING CHANGITO COME HERE RIGHT NOW! Jumping Changito walked down the stairs so slow it took forever. Wow i guess mama meant that bed too he said to himself. Getting closer and closer to his mama. Jumping Changito what is this mama said, why did you jump on the bed. Well what's left of a bed, and where is little Changito suppose to sleep? Um that was a good question? Jumping Changito thought. On the floor he replied, No said mama she isn't going to sleep on the floor. That night little changito sleeped with mama and Jumping Changito thought he was off the hook.
Until the next day when mama came into his room and asked him to pull out his money jar! Now this money jar that Jumping changito had was a very special jar indeed. Jumping changito mama said, because you had so much fun jumping on little changitos bed and braking it, i am going to give you the chance to make things right. Mama took Jumping Changito to the wood store that day and bought the right size of wood for the bed, and went to pay. Mama Jumping Changito said, why did i have to bring money from my money jar? Oh because it is only right that if you brake what isn't yours that you make it right. Mama said. Oh ?Jumping Changito said still a little confused why his mama just didn't pay.
That day Jumping Changito learned that when Mama says no jumping on the bed it's not always as the song goes, but as what mama always says NO JUMPING ON THE BEDS! ANY OF THEM or you'll have to pay for them to get fixed.
The End.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pool Time

Three little changitos playin' in the pool! Swimming, jumping and doing what little changitos do best Enjoying the cool water in the sun. All wrapped in their towels its time to come in. All of the changitos dried off when all of a sudden one changito is back at the pool. Holding one side down the water started to drain, and in goes the changito with towel and all. Soaking from head to foot and still in the pool. Oh my changito! Oh my changito! . All soaking trying to make his way out. Almost conquering the pool when the impossible happened and kerplop he ended up in the pool again. Over and over he tried and finally he came out with soaking towel and all!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Run Away Deer!

Once upon a time there were 3 changitos who wanted to see the sunset on a sunday afternoon. When the wind got cold they all ran to the car. Right then there mama changito said, "as soon as the sun hits the peak across the way the deer will come down". Just than deer running came down the hill side what a great treat to be able to see nature in action. All of a sudden like a shot of lightning a black animal started to chase the deer. It's a Bear! It's a Bear! Mama changito screamed while in the car. So the little changitos also started to scream "It's a Bear! It's a Bear". Up and down and all around this black animal gave the deer a scare that they didn't know where to run. So there you have it. My changitos and I sitting in the car admiring and terrified all at the same time. That this animal could actually kill a dear. Lucky for the dear they all got away. what could it be we started to guess?

A bear not so fast, a puma to dark, pumas are lighter. What could it be a tiger? No they don't live in our mountains

All of a sudden we realized that it was a Dog. That's right a dog a mighty fast dog

The End

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How many vacations does a family get!
With our family it is not easy to take a vacation.
I am glad to say that as a family we were able to get out
to the countryside of Logan. The openness the breeze, the
everyday stair climb up to my sisters apartment was worth
the trip. Taking the kids on a trip was such an amazing and
at the sametime a refreshing experience.
To know that life is hard but looking up!
Keeping your cool isn't always the thing to do with 3 little changitos
but seeing them enjoy what they usually don't get to do everyday was
priceless. Thank you for the baby animal days! Thank you for letting us
crash at your place.
love ray

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whos my daddy?

This year has been very interesting. For those who know the whole drama to your mama story about me will understand this post.
We are at the store and one of my changitos yells
Mom you can marry him so the whole store can hear
Or a friend comes to visit and they jump all over the dude.
But this last sunday was the real surprise when one of my changitos turned to me and said,
"Mom, I want him to be my dad". I almost started to cry but decided to hold the tears in since it wasn't testimony day and I technically wasn't hearing a sad story. I looked over to my changito and looked up to the fellow who was sitting right by us and whispered He can't be your dad I don't even know him. Since that day I have been thinking what it is like to feel wanted by someone so bad, that almost any stranger would do. Oh to have a dad. The memories that i can recollect are very blurry, and although i to was small just as my changitos are now. Looking back i now see the impacted that my own father had in my life, and how their father has impacted their life. This experience has taught me to love them even more. I would not and cannot change the outcome of what has happened or even replace what has dissappered but to try to understand that their feelings are real and that they are just as valid as everyone else out there.

So if you have a dad be kind love that father.
If your married and have a father for your children love him and look at the best qualities that he has kindly shared to the family.
We never know when or what impact our fathers, husbands or baby daddy's will have in our childrens lives so lets take care of them the best we can. There are to many fathers who are not seeing the need of being a parent or even caring to what happens to their children and are off looking for lost love in places they should have never been in the first place.

much love

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Missing Changito

Have you ever put one of your kids to bed at night, and in the morning when you go and check on your sweet innocent child they are no longer in their bed. So you figure that they are watching cartoons in the living rom right, or at least somewhere in the house. Before you know it the first game of the day has started, and the search is on.
The next thing you know you are looking all over the house calling their name. CHANGITO! CHANGITO! WHERE ARE YOU? I am not playing come out this minute. You start to breathe heavy. What if they went outside? What if the worst has happened? And then just when your about to call for reinforcements. A phone call.

Me: Hello

Phone: Hi, I just

Not letting a word in I say Me: Do you know where my changito is?
Phone: Jajajajajajaja you mean your dad didn't tell you.
Me: Tell me what. I didn't see him this morning.
Phone: Your changito woke up early this morning as your dad was leaving for work, and your changito asked him when he was going to be able to go to work with him. Your Dad asked him if he had school and your Changito said No not today! So they both went to work.
Me: I had no idea I was searching all over looking for him.
Phone: Yeah I was about to tell you when I left this morning, and I couldn't remember why I was just standing there. Sorry!
Me: So my changito is with his grandpa
Phone: Yeah!

What a morning I couldn't believe it. My Changito was never missing. He was with his grandpa the whole time. Starting to breathe normal again I get my other 2 changitos ready for the day.

The End

So here is a bit of advice for all that live with family members. Before you go and run out of energy and oxygen, call all of your family that you live with, and see who went to work today.

Mama Changito